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Inside Linux; Outsourcing Woes

It's Their Turn

Regarding Rob Preston's column "Get Used to Offshore Outsourcing" (Jan. 22, 2004), it's ironic to hear the uproar from all the IT professionals whose jobs are being sent overseas.

As a 25-year veteran of heavy industry, I've seen the exodus of millions of manufacturing jobs. White-collar workers have mostly kept silent, but now it's their turn to feel the pain.

The loss of jobs won't end. The only good that can come of this is the eventual replacement of overpaid American CEOs. Why shouldn't these execs get the ax? After all, foreign CEOs often work for a lot less and prove to be better, more productive leaders of global companies.

William Fenn
CIO; Fenn Fotographics
[email protected]

Offshore Ain't Bad

It's always easy for those losing ground in a power struggle to stick to the party line and repeat over and over, "It's not real! It will all go away!" I'm sure this has a soothing effect on U.S. IT professionals, who are going through a difficult time. But the mantra will only make them feel warm and fuzzy; it won't give them job security.

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