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InfiniBand Use Spreads as Networks Get Faster

InfiniBand is gaining momentum as a data center interconnect favorite.

IDC has released figures that show worldwide factory revenue from InfiniBand adapters grew 44 percent in 2007 to almost $90 million. InfiniBand switch port factory revenue rose 90 percent to $181 million.

"It's still a relatively small market comparatively speaking," says Stephen L. Josselyn, IDC research director of Global Enterprise Server Solutions. His group predicts that InfiniBand adapters will show a 35 percent compound annual growth rate through 2011, and switch port revenues will grow at an estimated average of 47.2 percent in the same timeframe.

There are other signs of InfiniBand's increased popularity: In a note to clients last week, analyst Tom Curlin of RBC Capital Markets credits an "improved InfiniBand contribution" as one of the factors that has helped QLogic execute "comfortably to date in the March quarter."

InfiniBand also showed growth in the top 500 Supercomputers list in November 2007, though it remains about one quarter of the overall data center interconnects used in the supercomputer centers polled worldwide. The next figures will be released following a supercomputing conference slated for June 1720 in Dresden, Germany.

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