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Infineta Launches Pay-As-You-Go WAN Optimization Service

There are three objectives behind the launch of Infineta Systems' pay-as-you-go WAN optimization service built around the company's Data Mobility Switch (DMS) product, says Haseeb Budhani, VP, products. Originally intended to address customers that were facing data migration projects but didn't want WAN optimization, the new service also appeals to service providers that don't want to spend anything on capex and want to do it all in opex. The third objective is to allow prospective customers to try the service before deciding if they want to buy a DMS product.

"Once they've tried it, they like it," says Budhani. The company in June officially unveiled its DMS offering, which provides an 80%-plus WAN footprint reduction via hardware dedupe and a five to eight times price/performance advantage over all comers. The company is currently doubling its sales staff to try and keep up with demand.

According to an in-depth lab report from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), Infineta's hyper-scale WAN optimization product not only reduces the time-to-completion for finite workflows, but also significantly reduced the amount of traffic traversing inter-data-center WANs. It reported that DMS' most unique feature is the Velocity Dedupe Engine, a hardware-based deduplication engine that enables the DMS to maintain the highest levels of data reduction at multigigabit speeds while guaranteeing port-to-port latencies in the tens of microseconds: "ESG Lab has confirmed that Infineta’s Data Mobility Switch is more than capable of satisfying the most demanding data-center-to-data-center replication and server mobility needs for businesses of all sizes."

Infineta says its pay-as-you-go data migration service enables companies to improve business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) by bringing new data centers online faster and by quickly decommissioning old data centers; increase business agility by enabling rapid data center applications deployment; avoid large capex; reduce opex on project staff and equipment by four to five times; and curtail expenditures on additional WAN capacity by leveraging existing WAN infrastructure.

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