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IceWEB Launches Iplicity Storage Manager

DULLES, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IceWEB's (OTCBB: IWEB) INLINE wholly-owned subsidiary ( announced today it has launched its Iplicity Version 1.4 storage management software suite containing all the functionality needed for configuring and managing INLINE Storage systems. With Iplicity, users can manage the value-add enterprise capabilities integrated into the INLINE storage systems, including Multi-Level data protection, block-level mirroring and thin provisioning. The Company believes this newly released software package will allow it to expand its customer base, increase margins and make its software more useful for small to mid-sized companies requiring a flexible software system to accommodate expansion. Iplicity includes the following features:

Multi-level data protection

Iplicity protects an organization's data with features and capabilities ranging from the most granular, per transaction data integrity checks to higher level backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Every read or write made by Iplicity utilizes ISM data integrity. To avoid accidental and silent data corruption ISM provides end-to-end check-summing and transactional copy-on-write IO operations. These operations eliminate the 'write-holes' and silent data corruption that have plagued other storage solutions.

Iplicity also offers block-level mirroring via its IDP plug-in feature. Now users can easily set up real time mirroring for disaster recovery and remote backup requirements.

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