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IBM To Ship Tivoli Change/Configuration Management Software

IBM said Wednesday it plans to ship its much-anticipated Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database (CCMDB) software on June 30.

CCMDB is enterprise software designed to make complex IT environments more efficient and easier to manage, said Mike McCarthy, director of strategy for Austin, Texas-based IBM Tivoli. CCMDB collects as much data about a network as possible and then applies operating templates based on IBM’s management best practices to the execution of processes, he said.

"It's a repository of critical information about the infrastructure," McCarthy said. "And based upon best practices of what we have learned from running data centers, it automates processes."

CCMDB can execute customized, network management processes using a workflow engine that takes instructions from IBM Tivoli Process Manager software, said McCarthy. Three Process Managers are slated for release with CCMDB in June: IBM Tivoli Availability Process Manager, IBM Tivoli Release Process Manager and IBM Tivoli Storage Process Manager.

The availability component applies root-cause analysis to detect potential problems, such as component failure, and trigger remediation automatically. Release Process Manager automates software updates and patching, and the Storage Process Manager helps consolidate storage and prevent redundant backups.

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