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IBM Claims SSD Performance Record

ARMONK, NY - June 3, 2009 - IBM today announced that the IBM System Storage EXP12S with Solid State Drive (SSD) technology has set a new performance record based on the Storage Performance Council's new extension to SPC Benchmark 1C (SPC-1C).

The SPC benchmark extension, announced today, provides new insight into the performance and energy benefits of storage products such as SSDs. The SPC's new industry-standard SPC-1C/E benchmark extension consists of the complete set of SPC-1C performance measurements and reporting, combined with measurement and reporting of energy use. IBM supports SPC-1C/E as one way to help businesses evaluate the effectiveness of solid-state flash technology, as well as to help develop greener data centers by reducing energy usage.

Flash memory technology in the form of SSD's offers the potential for significant, order-of-magnitude advances in both storage device throughput and the energy efficiency of delivering the throughput. In the SPC-1C/E Result released today, IBM's System Storage EXP12S delivers on that potential with a record-setting throughput of 45,000.20 SPC-1C IOPS[1]. In addition, SPC-1C/E includes the reporting of energy use for the first time in an industry standard storage benchmark. The efficiency of the System Storage EXP12S was 121.31 IOPS/watt, a level of energy efficiency made possible by the extraordinary throughput of the tested system.

"IBM has achieved a significant milestone with its solid state drive technology," said Walter E. Baker, administrator for the Storage Performance Council. "IBM's commitment to supporting independent industry benchmarks, including today's SPC-1C/E, is important to customers and businesses seeking objective and verified benchmark results to help them with their business and datacenter decisions."

IBM has a strong commitment to solid-state drive technology. In 2007, IBM's BladeCenter family of x86 servers became the first blades in the industry with SSD options. It recently announced a further expansion to include Power systems, as well as additional SSD options on its System x servers, and its System Storage DS8000. IBM is the first to offer a suite of Smart Data Management software tools that allow a system administrator to move frequently accessed, or hot data, to SSDs, while moving cold data to traditional hard drives, helping to maximize the value of a company's initial investment in SSDs. This approach recognizes that most customers will have a hybrid environment using both SSDs and traditional disks.

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