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HP Tackles Cooling In New BladeSystems

Hewlett-Packard plans to roll out this summer new cooling capabilities in its blade servers that company executives say will allow more blades to be packed into a rack as well as help reduce power consumption in data centers.

Paul Perez, HP's vice president of storage, networks and infrastructure, industry standard systems, said Wednesday the forthcoming BladeSystems will use a new fan design that consumes one-third less power and is about 50 percent more efficient in airflow than fans in typical 1u servers. The fans also contain a digital controller so that they can be managed through a network.

New systems, which will offer a choice of Intel's new server chip, code-named Dempsey, or AMD's next-generation Opteron, also sport a redesigned chassis that Perez said helps direct airflow through the system to areas that need the most cooling.

The new infrastructure from HP, Palo Alto, is part of a growing industry trend to cut down on power consumption and heat in data centers small and large. HP Labs is also on the cusp of releasing a server that automates cooling management in the data center and is working on adding power and load management to its capabilities.

Sun Microsystems and Advanced Micro Devices also have been hitting on the power-saving message. And, today, Dell, American Power Conversion and WMware, joined the Green Grid Alliance, a group founded last month to help cut energy consumption in corporate data centers.

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