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HP Slips Out De-Dupe Under the Radar

Hewlett-Packard's StorageWorks marketing crew is scampering to control a de-duplication announcement that's already hit the streets.

Various online sources, including at least one of HP's own Websites, are touting new HP StorageWorks disk-based backup systems and enhanced VTLs equipped for the first time with de-duplication technology.

HP says its new products increase disk utilization by a factor of 50 while undercutting rival Data Domain's pricing by nearly half. The wares also were demonstrated at an HP confab in Las Vegas this week.

Citing resistance to "cookie cutter" de-duplication, HP is offering two versions of de-dupe technology, one for SMBs, and one for enterprises. The SMB version is taking the form of additions to the HP StorageWorks D2D Backup Systems (D2D) appliance series.

Two new D2D models, the 1U D2D2500 and the 2U D2D4000, feature in-line "dynamic de-duplication" that HP claims will cut disk space requirements for backup by a 50:1 ratio, while costing 45 percent less than comparable Data Domain boxes. (Data Domain, contacted for comment, had not responded at press time.)

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