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Hosted Archiving Comes of Age

Hosted archiving services that combine archiving, compliance, and e-discovery in a SaaS (software-as-a-service) offering are quickly coming of age. Whereas, in the past, users were force to go in-house for this technology mix, outsourced services are an increasingly viable option for under-pressure CIOs and IT managers.

Hosted archiving solutions have been around for a while, but market uptake to date has been cautious due to customer concerns over privacy and control issues,” the Radicati Group reported in a recent online discussion on hosted archiving services. “This is changing rapidly, as a new generation of hosted archiving solutions reach the market with an attractive ROI proposition, targeted particularly for customers in the SME space.”

Companies in the hosted archiving space such as Amazon and Nirvanix offer a variety of services, but many hosted email providers are starting to offer hosted archiving in addition to the messaging technology they already offer.

Leading players today include:

In the past 12 months, the number of companies jumping on the hosted archiving bandwagon has exploded. Prior to that time, just a handful of companies were offering the service, and few wanted to get into the business. But with the help of SaaS, more companies have found reason to jump in.

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