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Hospital Finds Archiving Remedy

Faced with long-term, large-scale retention of digital records requiring instant retrieval, North Bronx Healthcare Network sought its remedy in archiving.

North Bronx Healthcare Network (NBHN) consists of two hospitals -- Jacobi Medical Center and North Central Bronx Hospital -- and four outpatient treatment centers. Combined, they see about 200,000 emergency room visits and 42,000 admissions per year, generating 1 million CT scans, MRIs, and other electronic studies in the process. Those numbers are always on the rise: NBHN is part of New York City Health and Hospitals Corp., the country's largest municipal healthcare system.

Patient records, billing information, and typical business data also add to the mix. The entire NBHN network currently tops out at 170 Tbytes.

"We were seeing geometric growth in our storage needs," says Dan Morreale, CIO of NBHN. Moreover, legal considerations require the hospitals to store data for a minimum of seven years, and sometimes up to 24 years.

While its radiology and record-keeping had entered the digital age, the NBHN storage methodology seemed relatively Stone Age 18 months ago: a predominantly DAS infrastructure requiring new servers and storage whenever existing systems reached capacity.

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