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Horizon DataSys' Rollback Rx Is A Prescription for Personal Logical Data Protection

Most data protection software and hardware products are designed for servers, yet there is a critical need to provide data protection for personal computing devices--notably, desktops and laptops. That protection has tended to be in the form of backup, either locally or over the Internet. While that is useful and necessary, there is also a need for safe recovery from logical data protection problems, such as returning your system to a clean state or restoring crashed systems to a working state. Rollback Rx, Horizon DataSys’s snapshot software product, is designed to provide that level of data protection.

Snapshot technology has long been available for server-based systems, ranging from the smallest business to the largest enterprise. Rollback Rx has provided that key snapshot capability for desktops and laptops for some time now. Why is that so important? Mainly because effectively working PCs are key to the productivity of most workers. Here are just some of the things that Rollback Rx can do to help recover quickly from PC problems:

  • Roll back your entire computer to a clean state after a virus infection or some other form of corruption
  • Recover accidentally deleted files
  • Restore a system that has crashed to a working state
  • Back out from a failed software deployment process.

    Users have flexibility in specifying snapshots. Automatic snapshots can be taken, such as when rebooting, or they can be scheduled at a specific time, such as just before testing a piece of software from which a rollback may be necessary if the software installation does not go as planned. Snapshots are relatively fast and are not capacity intrusive.

    Most products that I discuss are used for server-level requirements, and, since I am not in the benchmarking business, I really cannot try them personally. Even when a product is suitable for my desktop, I am reluctant to use it. (After all, how many external disk drives can I use?) However, some time ago, Horizon DataSys asked me to try Rollback Rx and gave me a free copy. Frankly, I only began using it after the company asked whether I had installed it. And quite frankly, I am happy that I did.

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