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A Holiday Storage Survival Guide

With the holidays upon us, storage managers and other IT pros are no doubt planning to take some well-earned rest and recuperation. But without proper planning, the holidays can quickly escalate from downtime to "down" time. We've collected some tips from industry savants for keeping your data center up and running while you put your feet up:

Dont get too ambitious

"We go into a mode where we only make the changes that are essential, especially in the last few weeks of the year," says Mark Reyer, data center administrator for the state of Oregon.

The official explains that with reduced staffing over the holiday period, users should not think about making any big upgrades to their storage hardware and software. "We put a 'change freeze' on, apart from emergency and essential work," he says.

Like the state of Oregon, officials at Clark County in Nevada take a similar scaled-down approach to the holidays. "One thing that we do is to try not to plan any big projects," says Rich Taylor, the county's senior systems programmer. "This Saturday, we're having an upgrade, but ordinarily, we don't do that so close to Christmas."

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