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Health Concerns Shouldn't Block Wireless Auction

The feds are about to auction off huge chunks of unused wireless spectrum, which is good news for us all -- it'll mean more wireless service and more competition. But a fringe group suing to block the entire auction because of hyped-up health concerns. Let's hope this suit gets thrown out quickly.
The EMR Policy Institute wants to stop the auction until the FCC puts together environmental impact study on the health effects of long-term exposure to low-intensity radio-frequency radiation. The suit was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern New York District.

There have been plenty of studies about this, and most have found no dangerous health effects. Not only that, we're already swimming in a sea of low-intensity radio-frequency radiation. TV signals, radio signals, cell phone signals...heck, at the moment I'm seated a few feet away from a Wi-Fi router, and in the next room there's a cordless phone.

The odds are, you're in a similar situation. And both of us are safe.

There will be plenty of benefits we'll all get from this auction. I'm betting that this suit will go nowhere -- exactly where it deserves to go.