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Go Daddy Stores Unlimited Email

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- More people rely on email communication than ever, yet some individuals or businesses worry about having enough room in their inbox to receive new email, large attachments or photos. Worry no more - Go Daddy is stepping up to offer its customers email packages with no storage limits.

Go Daddy Unlimited Email provides users an edge, especially when you consider the potential growth of email usage worldwide. Consider this: leading analyst firm IDC Research estimates the number of email boxes worldwide will top two billion in 2010. This is an increase of more than 297 percent in a decade. With continued growth of email boxes, the amount of storage space needed to accommodate photos and attachments via email will naturally increase as well.

Go Daddy Unlimited Email is designed to address these growing concerns. It gives customers unlimited storage - meaning, among other things, users can save elements like photos, documents and important files without running out of space. It also affords customers the ability to create a customized address. This makes Go Daddy email unlike free generic email services, where address options and space are often limited. Inc.