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Gladinet Adds Support For Openstack, Rackspace Cloud Files And Caringo Castor In Version 2.4

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- With continued focus on its role as an industry-leading, cloud storage access enabler, Gladinet has released Cloud Access Suite v2.4, which includes Cloud Desktop, CloudAFS, Cloud Backup and Cloud Space. The update adds Rackspace Cloud Files, OpenStack and Caringo CAStor to the long list of supported cloud storage services.

Cloud Storage continues to be at the front lines of the Cloud Computing revolution. Service providers have been focused on adding value to their cloud storage infrastructure, while customers explore how they can leverage this disruptive technology. As a result, the need for the Gladinet Cloud Storage Access Platform is soon discovered. Most cloud services do not speak the same language as the applications IT organizations depend on. Cloud services use special APIs that can be transmitted across the Internet while applications are used to finding their data in a file system. Gladinet's Cloud Storage Access Platform bridges this gap by acting as a gateway between the cloud and existing IT infrastructure, thus enabling a seamless, non-disruptive migration to the cloud. It is also unique in its ability to support a wide variety of on-premise and off-premise access scenarios.

With version 2.4, Gladinet has extended its open platform to include support for Rackspace Cloud Files and Caringo's CAStor object storage system. The new version also supports any cloud storage implementation that is based on OpenStack. OpenStack includes the software that powers Rackspace's Cloud Files technology, and technology developed by NASA for its NEBULA Cloud Computing Platform. Its goal is to provide organizations with open source software that can be run on existing hardware to create and offer cloud computing services.

Jerry Huang, CEO of Gladinet, noted that "OpenStack is seen by some as an interesting alternative to proprietary cloud platforms like Amazon's public cloud, as well as many proprietary products that facilitate the creation of private clouds. Though recently released, the platform has already been adopted by some very significant managed service providers (MSPs) and could prove to be of strategic importance to the cloud computing industry as a whole. Its openness could become the glue that creates an ecosystem that spans cloud providers. Gladinet's open platform aims to provide a universal access paradigm for all cloud storage service providers, so we are pleased to add support for these strategic storage partners."

The growing company welcomes inquiries from potential partners and investors. To inquire about such opportunities, contact [email protected].

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