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Gizmox Tools Convert Client/Server Apps To Run In The Cloud

A company called Gizmox has recently introduced Instant CloudMove, a set of tools for converting client/server-based software applications to run in Web- and cloud-based environments and on mobile devices.

Gizmox says that the conversion allows enterprises to run applications that reduce CPU workloads to 50 percent and bandwidth consumption to 10 percent of what they would be as rich Internet applications (RIA). Instant CloudMove also serves 10 times more end users than other application virtualization and streaming solutions and offers better security, the company says.

Instant CloudMove leverages Gizmox's existing Visual Web GUI (VWG) 6.4 platform, which helps virtualize client-based applications written in Microsoft .NET and Visual Basic 6. That makes it possible for the apps to run in any HTML- or HTML 5-enabled Web browser.

The main driver for Instant CloudMove is the fact that enterprises have invested heavily in their client/server applications, but they now have to adapt to new business models to deploy those apps through the Web and onto mobile devices, says Navot Peled, president of the Tel Aviv, Israel-based Gizmox. "We offer a path to port those applications to the Web and the cloud," he says.

Instant CloudMove reduces CPU cycles by eliminating the need to change and re-deliver objects of the application from the server, Peled explains. The only things that move on the network are the packets of data that go back and forth as a person uses the application. "The best way to describe it is that we are not baking the cake; all we are doing is sending the recipe to bake the cake yourself," he says.

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