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Geek Wish List Entries

Paul Rouk

  • Product: Aurora? ALX System
  • Coolness: How is it possible to spend over $11,000 on a DESKTOP computer today?!?
  • Company: Alienware
  • IT Value: Runs Microsoft Word MUCH faster than any of our current systems!
  • Check it out.
  • Features: High-end gaming computer. When configured with ALL the options, sells for over $11,000!
  • Reasoning: Ultimate gaming machine.

E. Alexander Gerster

  • Product: radioSHARK
  • Coolness: Time Shift Recording! Plus, Look at that shape!
  • Company: Griffin Technology
  • IT Value: Here in Florida, you can keep up with the hurricane reports!
  • Check it out.
  • Features: AM/FM radio with time shift recording
  • Reasoning: For recording broadcasts to listen to after work.

Carlos Legarda

  • Product: Treo 600
  • Coolness: It does everything.
  • Company: palmOne
  • IT Value: Taking notes, keeping in touch, schedules.
  • Check it out.
  • Features: PDA/phone does everything.
  • Reasoning: I can leave my phone and PDA at home and take this instead.
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Emilio Trenzado

  • Product: TIVO
  • Coolness: I never have to worry about missing shows and I can skip commercials, yet I don't have to deal with VHS tapes.
  • Company: TIVO
  • IT Value: I can work late on projects and record shows while I have to be on-site for an emergency.
  • Check it out.
  • Features: Records shows, pauses live shows and many more.
  • Reasoning: I can now work or workout until late and not worry about missing "The Apprentice."
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