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Freescale Sensor Enables Increased Storage Capacity in Hard Drives

TAIPEI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Freescale Semiconductor has introduced its first digital output pressure sensor to help simplify system design and enable increased memory storage density for hard disk drives (HDD) used in laptops and PCs. Based on micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology, the MPL115A digital sensor provides high-accuracy barometric and altimetry functions in a compact package for a variety of cost-sensitive consumer and industrial applications.

In addition to barometric pressure sensing in HDD, barometry and altimeter applications, the MPL115A pressure sensor offers absolute pressure measurement for industrial equipment, such as desktop weather stations and vacuum equipment. Medical applications include health monitoring, wound management and respiratory systems. With the rise in demand for safety and security products, the MPL115A adds another dimension of environmental sensing via ambient pressure measurement and is also capable of wireless remote monitoring.

"In an effort to serve our pressure sensor customers in applications such as altimeters, hard disk drives and portable medical equipment, we've delivered an innovative sensor solution that incorporates an easy-to-use digital interface, small package and low-power operation," said Demetre Kondylis, vice president and general manager of Freescale's Sensor and Actuator Solutions Division. "The MPL115A digital pressure sensor is available in one of our most compact packages, which helps save board space. And, its power consumption is lower than similar pressure sensors on the market today."

About the MPL115A digital pressure sensor

Freescale's MPL115A digital pressure sensor can communicate on inter-integrated circuit (I2C) and serial peripheral interface (SPI) buses, providing a direct connection to the embedded system microcontroller (MCU) for communication simplicity and flexibility. This architecture differs from most pressure sensors that communicate using analog signals and require an MCU with an on-chip analog-to-digital converter (ADC) or a separate ADC component within the system. Digital pressure sensors such as Freescale's MPL115A provide additional flexibility and cost savings by eliminating the need for an ADC.

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