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First Look: IBM Serves Up Comprehensive SMB Solutions

A reliable server should be at the core of every good business solution. Combine that with whatever services the client needs and it’s easy to create a comprehensive SMB solution. To make business solutions as simple and as profitable as possible for its partners, IBM aims to integrate the IBM eServer 326, or e326.

The e326 is based on Advanced Micro Devices’ latest Opteron processors with HyperTransport technology. If performance needs require it, the e326 can be configured with two dual-core Opteron processors with dual 1-Mbyte L2 caches. IBM worked closely with AMD’s engineering team to squeeze the most performance possible out of the dual-core Opterons. Everything is packed into a 1U rack-mount chassis. Up to 42 of the 1U servers can be installed in a single 42U rack. Therefore, it is possible to have up to 84 processors, or a total of 168 processor cores, housed on a single rack.

The e326 is ideal for businesses that need to run 64-bit applications, or those currently using 32-bit apps but are planning to migrate to 64-bit in the future. The multicore server is also ideal for multithreaded applications and any applications that require extensive memory addressability.

An integrated IPMI 1.5 compliant-system management processor—optimized for HPC cluster manageability—enables remote power control, text console redirect over serial or LAN, and more. The management processor allows one or many of the e326 servers to be controlled locally or remotely.

The e326 server uses industry-standard 400MHz ECC DDR memory and can be configured with up to 16 Gbytes of memory. Two high-performance PCI-X adapter slots are standard; the first is a half-length/low-profile PCI-X slot that operates at 100MHz, while the second is a full-length/full-height slot that supports both 133MHz 64-bit PCI-X adapters as well as 64-bit 66MHz and 33MHz PCI adapters. Dual integrated Broadcom BCM5704 Gigabit Ethernet controllers also are standard.

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