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First Full-Duplex TAP To Provide PoE As An Optional Primary Power Source

Gigamon, the leading global provider of data access solutions, today announced from the RSA Conference the new G-TAP A Series. The G-TAP-ATX device is the first in a series of "Always On" network TAPs leveraging an advanced architecture to remove the TAP as a point of failure within the network.  

G-TAP-ATX is an enhanced full-duplex copper TAP that provides multiple primary forms of power to the TAP including AC, DC, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and battery backup. G-TAP-ATX is the first and only full-duplex TAP to provide PoE as a primary source of power. This allows for previously unavailable configurations, such as continuous operation via a PoE connection to a switch racked with a dedicated uninterruptable power supply. In addition, the unique design of the advanced TAP uses a trickle charge to continuously charge a backup battery.  If the primary (and secondary) power supplies are lost, the battery will continue operation of the TAP for up to an additional five hours.

While traditional full-duplex copper TAPs are susceptible to link downtime during power outages, triggering link renegotiation on end devices connected to the TAP, the G-TAP-ATX eliminates link renegotiation delay and dropped packets upon power interruptions or failures, to ensure network uptime. "The G-TAP-ATX is an integral piece in the Data Access Network??, providing fault tolerant integration into the GigaVUE?? product line for 10/100/1000 copper connections. The G-TAP-ATX is vendor agnostic to feed all network and security monitoring and data capture appliances," said Patrick Leong, CTO at Gigamon. "This 'Always On' approach within the Data Access Network will enable more efficient operations and help reduce business risks associated with those operations."

The G-TAP-ATX also provides added intelligence that monitors the state of connected links and power status of the four forms of power.  In the event that primary power is lost, SNMP traps alert users that the TAP is now utilizing the backup battery. The SNMP traps are also triggered if battery levels ever drop to a low level to ensure rapid renewal of the primary power source, helping to eliminate any network downtime.

For more information about the new G-TAP-ATX advanced TAP, please visit the Gigamon website at, or call (408) 263-2022.