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FireScope 3.5 Delivers Management Reliability And Enhanced Virtualization Power

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- FireScope, a leading developer of Business Service Management solutions is reaching new heights in the BSM space. Their latest release, version 3.5, was designed to make IT management even easier by maximizing the solution's multi-site messaging capabilities and extensive virtualization support -- plus a wide range of other automation features.

"For BSM 3.5, scalability and connectivity were the primary focus," says Mark Lynd, President of FireScope. "We recognized a glaring hole in the market that FireScope could fill. Namely providing accurate and dependable IT management and services across multiple data centers without data loss -- and all from a single interface."

One of the most prominent additions to version 3.5 is the redesigned message queue architecture for multi-appliance communication. In other words, reliability. Picture this -- multiple offices feed their monitoring/management data to a central headquarters. If one of these offices loses connection, the data is completely thrown off and the 'big picture' becomes unclear. Worst of all, in many cases this loss of contact goes unnoticed. With FireScope, this situation is only a notification rather than a problem. Unlike competitors, which often lose data during a connectivity interruption, FireScope stores and then backfills the data. Virtually nothing is lost and all reporting and information stay accurate and up-to-date. Now that all the event data is in one place, corporate-wide SLA and OLA are really possible.

"As the former CTO of a global financial services firm, I saw firsthand how SLA's directly affect bonuses -- as well as the business. We had to just accept that there would be gaps in reporting because there was no solution that could prevent it," says Lynd. "Now there is."

Another important change is FireScope's integrated Virtual Center API support for managing VMWare virtual infrastructures and bringing them into service views. With no need for agents or additional software installed, FireScope can connect directly with Virtual Center to collect metrics for the physical hosts and virtual components of a VMWare infrastructure.

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