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FarStone Launches Backup, DR Server

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- FarStone Technology, a trusted backup and recovery solution provider, is announcing the new product, TreasureStone Backup and Recovery Server. As the first of its kind, FarStone Technology is integrating the powerful DriveClone Enterprise Server software with the large storage capacity of a TreasureStone server. With this solution, business data protection and storage will be faster and more efficient than ever. The integrated technology will safeguard all your systems from a central location.

TreasureStone Backup and Recover Server has 2TB, 4TB, 8TB and 15TB storage capacity. With this new product, businesses will find a well-rounded solution that enables flexible administrative management. TreasureStone backs up to a remote server and provides solutions for branch offices to automatically backup data to corporate headquarters with the easy plug and play design.

"We are so proud to release TreasureStone, the most innovative backup and recovery solution for businesses," explains Thomas Lin, the CEO and President of FarStone Technology. "TreasureStone integrates enterprise software and a large capacity server for maximum protection against data loss, disaster or network failure."

FarStone Technology Inc.