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F-Secure's Internet Security 2006

For system builders frustrated with the high cost and limited functionality of security suites from the likes of Norton, McAfee and Trend Micro, I have found a terrific tool-kit alternative.

It's a security suite called Internet Security 2006. Offered by Finnish company F-Secure, this suite offers not only all the functionality of products from the Big Three, but also rootkit detection—and for $10 less than the Big Three Charge.

Like the Big Three, F-Secure offers anti-virus and anti-spyware capabilities, a firewall, mail screening, and content filtering. But F-Secure's rootkit detection is the most significant feature. According to our best guesstimate, this will be the only security suite on the market to offer rootkit detection for at least the next six months, possibly even for the next year.

For those living under a rock, rootkit detection is tremendously important these days, because this new breed of highly undetectable (or "stealth") malware is prevalent in the wild. A rootkit plays havoc with any system on which it takes up residence. (For more information on rootkit detection, see our recent TechBuilder Recipe, Rooting Out Rootkits.)

F-Secure's Internet Security 2006 retails for $59, roughly $10 cheaper than comparable security suites from other top players in the market. (Norton Internet Security, for example, lists for $69.) While $10 may not sound like a big deal, if you're installing a security suite onto dozens of machines—perhaps even hundreds—then your savings on a volume license will add up significantly.

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