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Equilibrium Releases MediaRich 4.0 for SharePoint 2007 and 2010; Video Export and Batch Video Processing

SAUSALITO, Calif.(BUSINESS WIRE) Equilibrium, a software and hosted services company that specializes in helping enterprise clients of all sizes to manage, monetize and mobilize content, today announced MediaRich for SharePoint 4.0, Equilibrium's integrated Media Asset Management and Visualization system for all versions of SharePoint. MediaRich for SharePoint 4.0, now available for SharePoint WSS 3.0, 2007 and 2010 beta, provides visualization of over 300 filetypes, including video, along with an enhanced set of self-service capabilities that helps video production professionals decrease costs and finalize projects fast. MediaRich for SharePoint 4.0 is shipping now. "Equilibrium's rich visualization solution integrated with StoragePoint offers clients a very cost-effective DAM solution without any of the added overhead other solutions require."

In related news, Equilibrium also announced a strategic partnership with Metalogix Software through which Equilibrium will resell Metalogix's StoragePoint software, the leading large file storage solution for SharePoint. "Equilibrium's customers are generally dealing with many files of varying sizes," said, Sean Barger, CEO of Equilibrium. "Uploading hundreds of videos or thousands of large Photoshop files can dramatically slow the performance of Microsoft SharePoint. Both the availability of StoragePoint and the new self-service features in MediaRich for SharePoint 4.0 better enable our customers to cut upload and ingestion time from hours to minutes, decrease costs to manage their SharePoint SQL Database, and provide a cost-effective, reliable back-up method for mission critical corporate assets."

MediaRich for SharePoint is the only fully integrated digital asset management (DAM) solution for SharePoint WSS 3.0, 2007 and 2010. The MediaBatch Uploader found in 4.0, combined with Metalogix's StoragePoint system, remove the need for data ingestion through the SQL Database, one of the main causes of slower performance in SharePoint. StoragePoint's system works seamlessly with numerous environments and also integrates with Equilibrium's MediaBatch Uploader to provide interoperability with other browsers, including Macs, Chrome, and Firefox. "One of the core design principles behind StoragePoint was enabling SharePoint to comfortably manage terabytes of content without any functional compromises or added hardware," said Rob D'Oria, CTO of Metalogix Development Inc. "Equilibrium's rich visualization solution integrated with StoragePoint offers clients a very cost-effective DAM solution without any of the added overhead other solutions require."

MediaRich for Sharepoint's self-service features enable streamlined processing of large video files via on-demand transcoding, batch-processing and exporting of segments and proxy video support right from within any SharePoint portal. MediaRich for Sharepoint 4.0 also provides metadata extraction for enhancing search for all XMP, IPTC and EXIF content, while providing thumbnail / dynamic zoom and pan visualization of all data within SharePoint for easy viewing of assets.