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Emulex Announces General Availability of its OneConnect Universal Converged Network Adapters and OneCommand Manager

Emulex Corporation (NYSE:ELX) today announced that its OneConnect Universal Converged Network Adapters (UCNAs) and OneCommand Manager are now generally available through Emulex's distribution channel. Emulex's OneConnect UCNAs provide a unique, pay-as-you-go model; the only server adapter with full hardware protocol offload support for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE); the world's fastest 10Gb/s Ethernet performance; and the ability to efficiently consolidate network and storage infrastructures without changing management domains.

"Emulex's approach to network convergence is server-centric, meaning that we're providing a single architecture and product portfolio that enables the 10Gb/s Ethernet transition for servers and virtualization. Emulex is delivering a full suite of Ethernet-based I/O products for the server that are optimized for Local Area Network (LAN) on Motherboard (LOM), blade and standard PCI Express adapter applications, going beyond just enabling storage protocols," said Steve Daheb, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of business development, Emulex. "Emulex is leading and enabling the 10Gb/s Ethernet server transition. Our unique pay-as you-go model allows end users to easily scale their infrastructures with a base 10Gb/s Ethernet network adapter and field enablement options for iSCSI and FCoE hardware acceleration, providing unparalleled investment protection and virtualized server performance."

The Emulex OneConnect UCNA is a single-chip, high-performance 10Gb/s Ethernet product platform that provides server connectivity for network and storage traffic with multi-function server adapters. The Emulex OneConnect family is available as a high-performance 10Gb/s Ethernet Network Adapter (OCe10102-N), 10Gb/s iSCSI Adapter (OCe10102-I) and 10Gb/s FCoE Converged Network Adapter (OCe10102-F). Emulex OneConnect adapters support full TCP/IP hardware offload, including TCP Chimney, and hardware offloads can be added for iSCSI or FCoE when end users are ready for network convergence.

Unlike competitive 10Gb/s network adapters and converged network adapters, Emulex's OneConnect UCNA architecture allows end users to purchase the base 10Gb/s Ethernet network adapter, which includes TCP/IP and TCP Chimney hardware offload and outperforms any other 10Gb/s network adapter in the market today, and then enable full hardware offload for iSCSI or FCoE. As part of the Emulex vEngine technology, hardware offload and acceleration reduces server overhead and increases the number of virtual machines that can run on virtualized servers.

The Emulex OneConnect UCNA architecture allows IT administrators to converge their physical networks, while maintaining their application, server, storage and security administration domains. This allows companies to reduce their costs for adapters, switch ports, cabling, power and cooling without disrupting their current management structure or network segmentation configurations.

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