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EMC Expands Cambridge Research Presence

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) , the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced it has joined the MIT Media Lab as a Consortium Sponsor, further strengthening EMC's longstanding commitment to technology innovation and university research and collaboration. EMC's sponsorship is one of numerous initiatives for EMC Research Cambridge - the company's newly-established research presence in Cambridge, Massachusetts focused on accelerating emerging technology innovation and product development and advancing EMC's deep relationships with university research and startup communities in the Boston area.

EMC Research Cambridge leverages and brings together in close collaboration - both physically and through the global and virtual EMC Innovation Network - the world-renowned RSA Laboratories, EMC Research China and EMC's Santa Clara Incubation Lab, as well as senior technologists, distinguished engineers and research fellows from across EMC and its subsidiaries.

"Research and advanced technology groups across EMC, along with our global university research partners, are discovering and exploring new technologies that will shape the future of digital information," said Jeff Nick, EMC Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. "This is an incredible opportunity for EMC to bring together some of the world's leading research minds and innovators in areas such as personal information management, information integration and cloud computing."

As part of its Consortium Sponsorship, EMC gains full access to the MIT Media Lab's research environment. MIT Media Lab is recognized globally for its cutting-edge research, invention and creative use of emerging technologies on everyday life and enhancing the ways that people think, communicate ideas and explore new scientific frontiers. EMC and MIT research collaborations will focus initially on new models for data ownership and usage; innovative interfaces for social and business transactions; and technologies to help consumers take control of their own healthcare management.

"People's lives are becoming increasingly connected," said Andrew Lippman, Associate Director, MIT Media Lab. "By collaborating with leading technology companies like EMC, the Media Lab can invent new possibilities for creating, collecting and using information that empower users and bring a wealth of benefits to people's digital lives and communities. We're pleased to have EMC as a sponsor of the Media Lab and to have them work with us at the forefront of collaborative learning and expression."

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