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Email Gets More Outsourced Options

A slew of newcomers are using promises of compliance to push email management services, in a trend that could mean growth in outsourced options.

Recent announcements include MX Logic, a four-year-old firm based in Colo., which today unveiled MX Logic Message Archiving, a nationwide Web-based email service based on technology from ContentFast. (See MX Logic Adds Archiving Service.)

Aimed at SMB customers, the new service is being rolled out in the first quarter of 2007, but MX Logic is engaged in a trial offering with 30 accounts. For a monthly subscription fee of $13 per user, a company can host all email offsite, using a secure Web connection that requires no on-site hardware or software.

But the key functions include surveillance of outgoing messages and compliance archiving. This more full-featured service will bring the cost to $16 per user.

In news last week, Austin, Texas-based MessageOne announced EMS Archive, a suite of hosted services that includes archiving, legal discovery, and compliance control for corporate email. Based on proprietary technology, the service starts at about $3 per mailbox per month.

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