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E-Commerce Sites Need A Wireless Selling Strategy

There is a major growth opportunity in customers researching and purchasing products on their cell phones and smartphones, Cisco System's third annual e-commerce study revealed.

Cisco found that advances in cell phone technology, like high-speed mobile Web access, have redefined the user's experience, and retailers need to establish a mobile strategy to capitalize on this growing trend.

"Mobile presents a revenue opportunity for retailers and opens up a new era of multichannel retail," said Dick Cantwell, VP of the Cisco Internet business solutions group, in a statement. "Multichannel retailing has morphed into a web of shopper touch points across stores, catalogs, mobile devices, and the Internet. Retailers must start offering shoppers an 'interconnected shop' if they are to take advantage of the mobile opportunities."

Companies like can be seen as leaders in mobile retail strategy, as it has recently implemented a way to purchase via text message. Cisco found Short Message Service is also being used to advertise, provide a two-way service for customers' questions, offer item availability, and deliver updates.

But text messaging is just the tip of the iceberg, as customers will soon expect to use their mobile devices to find stores, research products, make purchases, and manage their accounts, the study found.

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