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Dot Hill Launches Next Generation 6Gb SAS End-to-End Storage Arrays

LONGMONT, Colo. June 29. Dot Hill Systems Corp., a provider of world-class storage solutions and software for OEMs, open storage partners and system integrators, today announced it is now shipping its next generation 3000 Series storage arrays featuring "end-to-end" 6Gb storage to deliver high throughput and exceptional performance and to answer the industry's call for infrastructure that meets the needs of today's 24/7/365 business computing environments.

Dot Hill is introducing two models: the 3520 2U 24-drive solution that leverages high performance, energy-saving 2.5-inch drives, and the 3530 2U 12-drive standard array, which offers the lowest overall price for 24TB of storage utilizing 2TB 3.5-inch drives. Each controller includes four 6Gb SAS 2.0 connections, for a maximum of eight host-attach connections per storage array. The Dot Hill 3520 and 3530 enable businesses to expand storage dynamically and easily in direct-attached storage environments. With four ports per controller, the solutions deliver exceptional performance, while eliminating the need for a switched SAN environment.

The 3520/3530 also helps reduce costs involved with server clustering - enabling IT managers to reap the benefits of this environment (higher availability, reliability, and scalability) in a more cost-effective manner. The 3520/3530 enables IT managers to establish a server cluster without the cost or expense of a switch. With eight total ports, the 3520 and 3530 enable up to eight servers to access the same storage system, or four servers with redundant cabling - enabling a low-cost, switchless SAN environment.

The 3000 Series provides ultimate scalability and flexibility, with support for SSD, SAS, and SATA drives for tiered storage initiatives, with expansion of up to seven JBOD systems, and up to 144 2.5-inch drives.

Other key features of the new models include Dot Hill's advanced data management offerings for snapshot and volume copy, energy-efficient drive spin-down, and mixed drive-type support, as well as additional design features that serve to lower the cost and complexity of storage configurations, enabling IT managers to support initiatives such as server clustering.

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