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Dmailer Introduces a New Online Storage Service

MARSEILLE, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dmailer, a leading software provider specializing in portable backup and synchronization solutions for mobile storage devices, introduces a new and exciting online storage service with the latest version of its flagship software product, Dmailer Sync.

Dmailer Online, an online storage capability made available to Dmailer Sync version 8.6 users, is a subscription service which allows users to safeguard their digital content on a secure remote server. By embedding the functionality of online storage in this latest version of Dmailer Sync, Dmailer addresses one of the challenges being faced by many users today; misplacing your portable storage device or having it stolen. With Dmailer Online, users are able to easily create an account for online storage, upload their synchronized data, browse and search through files stored online, all from within Dmailer Sync.

Dmailer is offering all Dmailer Sync 8.6 users a full 3-Gigabyte, 30-day trial for free. Users may choose to subscribe to one of the three Dmailer Online plans available; $5.99 a year for 3GB of storage, $34.99 a year for 30GB and $69.99 a year for unlimited storage.

A major advantage being offered by Dmailer Sync version 8.6 with Dmailer Online is the ability to copy back to your storage device any file inadvertently deleted or retrieving previous versions of modified files. Users will find peace of mind knowing their precious data is stored on their portable storage device as well as online. With Dmailer Online, data is always available, anywhere, anytime.

Like all Dmailer software, Dmailer Sync 8.6 with Dmailer Online??? runs exclusively from your portable storage device, and there is no need to install the software on the PC.

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