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Diagnose And Repair SOHO networks

In this Recipe, I'll show you how to easily diagnose and repair the most common peer-to-peer networking issues with today's most popular consumer-based OSes from Microsoft.

As PCs continue to get more powerful and less expensive, a growing number of affluent households have more than one PC. Combine that with the proliferation of affordable broadband Internet and inexpensive wireless routers (which enable PCs to share an Internet connection, files, and printers), and system builders are looking at a new and growing market.

In fact, many computer technicians are being called out to install or repair small office, home office (SOHO) networks. With so many people receiving computers or networking equipment this past holiday season, 2005 is sure to become a record year for technicians to provide SOHO network repair. Learning how to diagnose and repair these small networks is a solid investment.

For this Recipe, I'm making the following assumptions:

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