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Dell Pushes Four-Way Servers For Data Centers

Dell, whose two-processor servers power many business-computing environments, is raising its high end. The vendor Wednesday introduced two four-way computers as part of an initiative to push its database servers further into the enterprise. It also said four-way computing is ready for the mass market.

As part of its Scalable Enterprise effort, Dell unveiled two four-way PowerEdge servers that the company says will provide a performance increase of nearly a third over its previous generation of four-way servers, without an increase in cost.

"The end result are PowerEdge servers that offer both the highest levels of performance and a lower cost of acquisition," says Jeff Clarke, senior VP of Dell's product group.

Bruce Kornfeld, director of worldwide enterprise marketing for Dell, says the servers demonstrate how Dell customers can now "deploy mission-critical applications on a scalable enterprise that encompasses not just two-ways, but new four-way technology for higher-end database applications."

While market research has shown that unit sales of four-way server systems have been stagnant for the past few years, Kornfeld says that has been caused by the "significant premium" customers have had to pay for four-way systems versus two-way systems.

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