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Data Security: None of Your Business?

Is it a direct-attached storage issue or a security issue? Is it something you think the IT security staff is tracking, or have the storage admins jumped all over this like Olympic decathletes?

Im talking about portable devices that run the gamut from iPods to USB and PCMCIA devices, digital cameras, and DVD drives. You’ve seen the ads for what are essentially highly mobile hard drives – "Take your desktop with you!” – or the contents of the enterprise’s customer database, or the spreadsheets from last quarter’s financials.

And the price of these things needn’t be a barrier to malice or negligence. While cheapskates like me are loath to pony up $300 for the non-Nano iPods, a 2-gigabyte USB drive can be had for well under $200.

Data theft – or, more benignly, data loss – is not a new phenomenon. Yes, I know that some of these flash-drive devices offer the strongest encryption available or that they come equipped with dual-factor authentication, in the event of loss.

But that’s loss (or theft) outside the enterprise.

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