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Dan Warmenhoven, CEO, Network Appliance

As Network Appliance Inc. (Nasdaq: NTAP) took over the Millennium Hotel in Manhattan this week to launch its new products and vision, Byte and Switch caught up with NetApp CEO, Dan Warmenhoven (such a domestic sounding name, Warm-in-the-oven, he must be nice), to find out whats new.

Byte and Switch: Is the new FAS900 SAN/NAS series a sign of NetApp moving up market? (see NetApp Does the Storage Two-Step).

Warmenhoven: No, this is the conclusion of our transformation. The market perception is that we are a mid-range storage provider, but most of our deployments are now in the 48 terabyte range, there’s nothing mid-range about 48 terabytes.

Byte and Switch: Is the majority of your business still with technology and Internet companies?

Warmenhoven: Two years ago 70 percent of it was technology and Internet, but we’ve moved to a much broader enterprise base of customers… Now, two thirds of our total business comes from energy, financial services, telecommunications, major manufacturers, life sciences, and the federal government – and we are continuing to expand into new verticals.

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