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Correlsense Makes Finding A Needle In A Haystack Easy

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Correlsense, a business transaction management company, along with one of its customers, GAINSCO Insurance. We discussed Correlsense's product, SharePath, which monitors and tracks all of an application's transactions in real time, and can rapidly deliver root-cause analysis and display where transactions are slowed or stalled. In fact, SharePath can pinpoint transaction bottlenecks spanning from the discrete user client to the IT infrastructure to the number of bytes read, or written, at the disk storage level. In my opinion, this makes finding a bottleneck in real time--or the needle in a haystack--easy.

Most IT organizations have war rooms, or support centers, where the status of various parts of the infrastructure is measured and monitored on a real-time basis. Far too often, users call in for support complaining of slow response times and sometimes no response at all. Many times in these situations, those responsible for determining the root cause of a problem are left stymied as to just where a problem resides and what to do to resolve it because monitoring software indicates everything is OK or misdiagnoses the problem. Clearly, these situations are frustrating for both users and support staff.

Infrastructure and application monitoring software has existed for quite some time. There are more than a few companies today that have the ability to look at some, or all, of the parts of an infrastructure and aid IT management in often-times frustrating problem determination. In speaking with Correlsense and gaining a better understanding of what the company does and how, I was left feeling that the company has a firm handle on viewing the complete infrastructure and actually determining where a problem exists--or where it once existed. I also believe the company's solution has the ability to expose the root cause of a bad user experience.

Correlsense user Trent Wolf, architect and developer at GAINSCO, confirmed this, saying, "We needed better insight on transaction performance monitoring on a larger scale, from the data center through the Web portal and right to the client desktop. And now we have it."

Oren Elias, CEO of Correlsense, says the company was founded in 2005 with venture backing and has headquarters in Framingham, Mass. It also has a development facility in Israel and a regional office in India. Additionally, "Correlsense has a team of direct sales reps and a growing stable of regional resellers that it works closely with to provide its solution to customers across insurance, banking, online retail and telecommunications industries," says Elias.

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