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ColdSpark Offers Email Compliance App

BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- ColdSpark, the leader in next-generation enterprise messaging infrastructure, announces the availability of their Compliance Catalyst solution for enterprise message archiving.

While almost all publicly traded companies have some type of enterprise email archiving solution, these solutions are optimized to capture user-generated email messages; i.e. those messages that are generated from or received into an employee's email inbox.

However, most enterprise archive solutions do not adequately provide a mechanism to capture automated email messages that never touch a traditional user mailbox. Because many of these automated emails do not originate in the enterprise groupware systems, like Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes, they are not journaled or captured in the enterprise archive.

"Over 25% of all email messages that originate from my firm come from automated sources, and never touch our corporate mail infrastructure; it is likely that these messages never reach our enterprise archive. This represents a major gap in compliance and a significant risk to our firm. We need to solve this problem", says an IT Executive from a major financial services firm

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