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Cloverleaf And Promise Technology Mutually Certify Cloverleaf's Intelligent Storage Networking (Isn) System With Promise Storage

WOODBURY, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cloverleaf, a global provider of intelligent storage network management solutions for enterprise-class environments, today announced that Cloverleaf and Promise Technology have mutually certified Cloverleaf's Intelligent Storage Networking (iSN) system with Promise VTrak E-Class subsystems and expansion chassis. With this certification, Promise can introduce the iSN to its channels that address a variety of current and new customer bases and vertical markets including retail, telecommunications and high-performance computing.

With the ability to manage any and all data, regardless of storage type, vendor or platform through a 'single pane of glass,' Cloverleaf's iSN has found great success addressing four key customer pain points including: Site-to-Site Disaster Recovery; Any-to-Any Data Migration; Data Protection with instant recovery; and Thin Provisioning. Incorporating significant features such as persistent and massive snapshoting, tiered storage according to application requirements, and optimizing capacity usage, the iSN delivers a unique low-cost storage management solution. These applications are deployed in Oracle, SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, HyperV, DB2 and Xsan environments. It also integrates well with VMware in the same environments.

"We're pleased to be working with Promise Technology, who is a proven leader in delivering global storage solutions," said Richard Bauer, president and CEO of Cloverleaf. "Cloverleaf has provided unique capabilities to storage customers, enabling them to easily manage and monitor even the most complex heterogeneous storage networks. It's a natural progression for Promise to certify Cloverleaf's iSN, allowing them to deliver these same heterogeneous storage management capabilities to all of their worldwide channels. This combination of Cloverleaf and Promise will further enable data centers to simplify management, eliminate downtime and cut storage costs."

Jin-Lon Hon, vice president of engineering for Promise Technology stated, "After evaluating the Cloverleaf solution, we have been very impressed with the iSN's capabilities. The iSN is a uniquely flexible, low-cost storage management solution capable of managing mid to high-range data center requirements, it can easily fit into any market, making it a great fit for our channels in conjunction with Promise's VTrak subsystems. We're looking forward to working with Cloverleaf, we see many great advantages in selling this combined solution into our channels."

Creative Tools, a highly qualified VAR in Hamburg, has already experienced significant success implementing Promise VTrak storage with Cloverleaf's iSN using Apple's Xsan storage technology. "The iSN was very easy to install, and from the time we implemented it was ready for our customer's live production environment," said Jens Herold, general manager for Creative Tools. "The customer, a television station in Europe, is actually using the Cloverleaf/Promise solution in their broadcast services and it has gone above and beyond what we promised to deliver. We fully expect to utilize the iSN in other future customer implementations."

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