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Cisco Chooses Wyse Technology To Demonstrate Optimum User Experience For Virtual Desktop Infrastructure During Cisco Live Keynote

SAN FRANCISCO, July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Wyse Technology, the global leader in thin computing and client virtualization, today announced that Padmasree Warrior, Chief Technology Officer of Cisco Systems, chose the Wyse V10L thin client to demonstrate Cisco's unified computing solution (UCS) during her keynote at the Cisco Live conference in San Francisco on July 1.

In front of thousands of Cisco customers and partners, Warrior demonstrated how to provision and access a virtual desktop through a Wyse thin client. The demonstration used Cisco technology and the most secure operating system, Wyse ThinOS, found in the Wyse V10L, providing a flawless experience - without using any PCs.

As Chief Technology Officer, Warrior helps drive Cisco's technological innovations and strategy, and leads its cross-company initiatives on Cloud Computing, Desktop Virtualization, and cross-functional team that helps drive the company's growth priorities.

"Choosing Wyse to help Cisco demonstrate their technology vision during Cisco Live definitely communicates Wyse's leadership in the thin computing market," said Ricardo Antuna, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Business Development and Alliances for Wyse Technology. "This is the second time in about two months that a major keynote speaker has used our solutions to deliver their technology announcement, the first being Citrix CEO Mark Templeton at Citrix Synergy in May."

The versatile and high-performing Wyse V10L thin client is unique in the industry. Its powerful energy saving design uses only 10% of the energy used by a PC, its ultra-thin operating system boots in seconds, automatically updates itself, and delivers the administrative simplicity IT needs. The Wyse V10L delivers rich voice, data, and video better than competing devices, and is truly virus and malware proof.

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