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Cendura's Application Management Suite 2.1 Monitors Changes

You can create your own application blueprint by identifying its root file system, key configuration files and run-time logs. Cohesion then discovers it as a managed application. However, the product won't discover dependencies on other programs and libraries. That feature is in the works for version 3.0.

Once an application is discovered, it can be managed from a browser (Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1 or higher). From IE, you can "tail" log files and view output from diagnostics like iostat and netstat on Unix, and msinfo32 and ipconfig on Windows. Most important, you can take snapshots of configuration metadata and use them as reference points for change control.

Inside the Box

During my tests, Cohesion monitored changes to Windows and Solaris operating systems, IIS and Apache Web servers, and IBM WebSphere Application Servers 4x and 5x, using both default and custom-built blueprints. It even identified new virtual directories created in IIS. When changes occurred, it notified me via e-mail and SNMP alerts.

I found that Cohesion has some hefty requirements for memory (1,536 MB of RAM recommended) and disk space (more than 20 GB). Moreover, it needs its own database to store application information. The number of applications supported varies by server, application and file set.

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