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Cape Clear ESB 6.5

Cape Clear ESB 6.5

Cape Clear's entry is interesting because of its origins: ESB 6.5 didn't evolve from an enterprise service platform, like BEA's AquaLogic and Oracle's SOA Suite did; it didn't grow out of a conventional EAI product, like Tibco's and Software AG's products did; nor did it bloom from a messaging world, like Sonic's and IBM's products did. Rather, Cape Clear's software came out of a pure Web services world, and its ESB approach reflects these roots as much as its competitors reflect theirs.

Cape Clear and BEA both view the ESB as a service orchestration mechanism and don't include conventional integration as part of their visions for their individual ESB products. Cape Clear takes the same metadata-driven orchestration approach to implementing its functionality as BEA does, though it has chosen to tie its success to BPEL, as has Oracle, instead of a proprietary orchestration notation.

Cape Clear ESB 6.5 is J2EE-based and can be deployed within any number of enterprise service platforms, including IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic. It's distributed with JBoss, which is what we used for testing. Orchestration requires a BPEL repository, and we used ESB 6.5's embedded Hibernate database for this as well as for configuring Cape Clear ESB to use our Oracle9i database. The configuration can be determined during setup, and we suggest this as the best course of action if you want to use an external RDBMS as ESB 6.5's BPEL and WS-RM (Web Services Reliable Messaging) repositories. Regardless of which database you're using, if the system is already installed, and you migrate to a different database, you will have to modify the configuration files manually, or reinstall the application. Cape Clear recommends a reinstallation of its software if you need to migrate.

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