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Can't Build Your Own Systems? Let DirectCM Do It

Reselling systems made by large vendors or big suppliers can often cut into a solution provider’s profits or the authorization requirements may be very difficult to fulfill.

As a result, more solution providers would like to offer their own custom-built systems yet don't have the staff, space or technical resources to do so. This is where the DirectCM division of MPC Computers can help.

MPC's 340,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution facility has surplus capacity which it uses to build custom systems for solution providers.

Systems can be supplied as barebones units that solution providers can finish themselves or they can be ordered as complete turnkey systems to be drop-shipped wherever needed. DirectCM can even install operating systems and other software if needed.

DirectCM provides whatever assembly services are needed. Because of its parent company’s huge volume output, and over 15 years of experience in dealing with component suppliers and supply chain management, DirectCM enables small IT companies to offer custom-branded systems that can easily compete with mainstream units while eliminating the burden of product development and technology transitions.

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