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Can Office 2007 Prevail In A Web 2.0 World?

Microsoft partners are ready to roll on Office 2007-based apps and integrations.

Tim Huckaby, CEO of Interknowlogy was on stage front and center at the official launch Thursday, showing off work his company has done with Scripps Research and various Office 2007 goodies including SharePoint 2007.

Partners like Huckaby are thrilled at the opportunities provided by this massive lineup. To borrow a Microsoft term, this product wave includes not only the Office core client apps—Word, Excel, PowerPoint--but Exchange Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2007, and the upcoming Office Communication Server, PerformancePoint Server. On Thursday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promised more than 30 related or ancillary products will roll out in the next year.

For all-Microsoft shops this may be good news if partners can persuade them the new lineup can help them eliminate servers, streamline processes, etc.

But with the hype around software-as-a-service and Web 2.0 "mash up" applications, there may be some push back among other companies, who prefer not to lock-in so much of their IT budget to a company that is not seen as the leader in these areas.

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