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BlueCat Networks Adonis DNS Management Server 2.0

Speedier Queries

After downloading the necessary update files and a new Java Runtime Engine to our client, we upgraded the client via a "one-button" install and easily imported our old version 1.2.8 config data. Although we couldn't test the new server code, we've gone through this exercise with Adonis code patches and have yet to experience a problem.

Once you've upgraded the client, SSL is used to securely push the server software to all Adonis appliances in your environment. The push upgrades the appliances simultaneously, rebooting the servers sequentially to avoid any mishap. We're disappointed that there's still no Macintosh client, but you can run it on Linux, Solaris or Windows.

BlueCat says the upgraded hardware will process 20,000 queries per second, compared with the previous version's 8,000 queries per second. In last year's test, we produced 2,000 to 6,000 queries per second on the 1.2.8 box, for a maximum of 518.4 million queries per day. Most shops will never reach this ceiling.

BlueCat Networks Adonis DNS Management Server 2.0

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Taking a cue from ApplianSys' DNSBox300, Adonis offers an optional 1-GB flash drive in place of a 40-GB disk. We like solid-state components--fewer moving parts.

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