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Barbara Nelson, CEO and Chairman, NeoScale Systems Inc.

When Barbara Nelson joined NeoScale Systems Inc. in 2003, security in storage networks really was "neo." Most solutions used software encryption, a technique that couldn't keep up with burgeoning disk-based storage.

"There were lots of good products in network security, but storage was completely exposed," she recalls. NeoScale was among the handful of companies offering appliance-based solutions.

It was time for a change. Legislation following the tech bubble bust gave IT a whole new set of worries. In California and other states, companies are required to make public disclosures on the chance that stored records may have been breached.

"It's now very public and very damaging," she says. "Most of the threats we see and solve are accidental, not malicious. But once something happens, it's your name in the second column of the Wall Street Journal."

The edge of glee in her voice is unmistakable. From Nelson's perspective as supplier, storage growth, legislation, and new technology have converged to form what she calls a "perfect storm opportunity" in storage security.

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