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Ballmer Touts Interop With Sun, Trusted Computing Group

Microsoft touted future interoperability between its next-generation Windows and Sun Solaris, the Trusted Computing Group's security specifications and, to a lesser extent, rival Linux and enterprise applications.

At the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Wednesday said implementation of standards and specifications such as XML, WS-Management and TPM 1.2 will soon yield results. Within weeks, Ballmer and Sun CEO Scott McNealy will discuss the interoperability efforts of the two software giants and will detail enhancements planned for Windows Server 2003 R2 due later this year with Sun's Unix.

Microsoft demonstrated for the first time the results of ongoing work between the former rivals to use XML and the WS-management specification to enable Windows to interoperate remotely with Sun Solaris, without agents.

"We worked closely over the course of the last year on WS management in conjunction with Sun, Intel, BMC and Dell, and it's a much broader vision than we pursued before," said Ballmer. "The work we're doing with Sun is instrumental in enabling the scenario you saw across Windows systems and Solaris systems."

Microsoft also remains committed to providing tools to federate identities though Active Directory across all systems, including Solaris, Ballmer said. The industry still awaits delivery on products that incorporate support for the WS-Management and other Web service standards.

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