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Avocent Introduces Avocent MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer

HUNTSVILLE, Ala, - Avocent Corporation, a global leader in IT Operations Management, today announced a powerful new offering for managing the data center. Avocent MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer is a software platform that integrates resource management (heat, cooling, power, and space) with asset management, providing a centralized automated view of these resources from a single location and with a single product. Avocent MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer provides the most detailed view ever of data center conditions and assets and offers ways to design and run a data center more effectively.

"It's clear from talking to customers that the traditional domains of facilities and IT are merging," said Avocent CEO, Michael Borman. "Companies need tools for accurate real-time measurements to optimize existing data centers and for planning new data centers with the assurance of having sufficient capacity for servers and cooling equipment. They want to view and manage their environment using one management tool. Avocent MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer accomplishes these goals, effectively eliminating the need for multiple point products currently available on the market."

By utilizing the advanced modeling features within Avocent MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer, an organization can identify specific discrepancies between where power and cooling resources are available and where they are ultimately needed. Reducing these discrepancies enables the significant reduction in overall power and cooling consumption in data centers. When paired with technology such as probes, intelligent power distribution units (IPDUs), and switches placed in the data center, its advanced user-friendly interface gives IT managers a complete view of data center conditions and the ability to catalog, plan, track and define outcomes with capacity planning and asset management.

Therefore, companies save by eliminating the need to manually update the spreadsheet and flat files common in today's data center operations, and by reclaiming the time now spent repeating processes and checking for errors.

Asset Lifecycle Management Integration - Rounding Out Avocent's Asset Management Solution

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