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Atempo Delivers Block-level Deduplication to Time Navigator

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Atempo, Inc., a leading provider of cross-platform data protection and archiving solutions, today introduced Atempo HyperStream Server, a new module for Atempo Time Navigator that delivers block-level deduplication capabilities to the company's flagship high-performance backup and recovery solution. This key new feature is optimized for midsize and large organizations seeking to cost-effectively maximize the utilization of their storage systems, as well as for companies that require powerful and efficient enterprise-class data protection for their remote or branch offices where block-level incremental backup is preferred due to network bandwidth limitations.

Atempo HyperStream Server is a stream-oriented storage service that allows backup data to be sent to a storage server across high and low bandwidth connections, while performing block-level deduplication across and within the streams. The new module effectively eliminates redundancy in storage media by identifying identical blocks of data on multiple systems and only backing up the changed blocks, significantly reducing both the amount of storage and the network bandwidth required. In addition, Atempo HyperStream Server supports extremely efficient block-level replication from one unit to another over local- or wide- area network connections, which combines the advantages of fast local restore and disaster recoverability for both data center and remote office backup.

"Customers utilizing Time Navigator have long benefited from the software's enterprise-class performance, uniquely powerful time navigation and restoration features, and unmatched support for heterogeneous environments," said Mark Sutter, CTO of Atempo. "The introduction of Atempo HyperStream Server with its block-level deduplication and replication capabilities enables data-intensive organizations to extend these benefits beyond the data center to their remote offices efficiently and cost-effectively.

"As a disk-based storage service, Atempo HyperStream Server ensures that end-users have fast access to their valuable digital assets, with restore operations of full or partial streams to the client optimized to perform at peak levels. The module can easily scale to support expanding storage environments without requiring the purchase of new systems, and can also support block-level incremental replication to an alternate HyperStream Server for failover and disaster recovery readiness.Atempo Time Navigator is a secured, tiered and highly scalable heterogeneous data protection solution for complex, mission-critical environments. Through its unique time navigation feature, it supports high speed data restoration from any point in time, enabling quicker eDiscovery and improved business performance. The software combines the best of data protection and storage security to enable companies to meet critical business requirements for data privacy, regulatory compliance and non-repudiated long-term retention of data. Its graphical user interface makes it easy to manage snapshots, replication, disk and tape backups, and recovery operations in addition to simplifying the management of multiple servers and remote sites. Atempo HyperStream Server will be generally available in August 2009. For more information, visit or

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