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Apple Announces Mac OS X Tiger Server Release

First Microsoft, and now its longtime rival Apple.

Apple Computer announced Tuesday that the newest version of its server software, Mac OS X 10.4 Server -- more commonly known as Tiger Server -- will be available on Friday, April 29, concurrent with the release of its 10.4 Tiger desktop operating system update. The server package will include several new capabilities, including 64-bit addressing, improved connectivity with Windows systems, and a built-in distributed computing architecture, Xgrid, meant to extend Apple's recent successes in grid-style supercomputing environments.

Tiger Server will ship at $499 for a 10-seat license or $999 for an unlimited-client edition, the company said; volume and maintenance pricing plans are also available for larger enterprises.

"With no client access fees and over 100 open source projects combined with Apple's legendary ease of use, Tiger Server is the clear choice for all Mac and PC workgroups and an ideal alternative to Windows and Linux servers," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.

The new Tiger release, which follows on Microsoft's recent service pack update to Windows Server 2003, continues Apple's strategic aim at server environments ranging from smaller, entry-level businesses and other small deployments to large-enterprise and distributed situations. At the lower end, Apple has included a blog server feature, Weblog Server, that lets administrators handle blog publishing and use calendar-based navigation to share blogs entries or project information. Also, another built-in server software allows handling of instant messaging at the server level using Apple's iChat client, tying user accounts into Tiger Server's directory services.

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