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Answering The Real SCO Lawsuit Questions

We know this whole SCO-Linux lawsuit thing is confusing to most readers, so we've called upon our favorite sage, FAQ Man, to answer some of the more pressing questions.

Q: What are the lawsuits against Linux users really about?

FAQ Man: Don't quote me on this, but some inside sources tell me that the real reason SCO is suing Linux users is to scrape up enough money to go on "Wheel of Fortune"
to buy CEO Darl McBride a vowel for his first name, so it looks less like a typo. Since the company is losing money selling software, lawsuits seem to be the only way to get some cash.

Q: Should enterprise users be afraid that using Linux will leave them open to a lawsuit in the future?

FAQ Man: I'm a pundit, not a lawyer. If you're truly worried, do as our colleague Mitch Wagner suggests, and seek professional counsel. Our uneducated guess is, feel free to move forward. And maybe negotiate a reduced price from IBM or Novell.

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