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AMD Will Continue To 'Reinvent' The Tech Industry, Ruiz Pledges

Advanced Micro Devices will continue to "reinvent" the technology industry over the next few years as its new processor technologies enable differentiation and open new markets, Hector Ruiz, chairman and chief executive, said at the company's Technology Day conference on Thursday.

Ruiz said AMD began an effort to reinvent in the industry in 2003 when it introduced its AMD64 architecture with Opteron, the first 64-bit x86-based microprocessor.

"If you look back to those days, you will remember that it was questionable in many people's minds whether [64-bit] x86 was the way to go," Ruiz said. "At least it was questioned by our competition. We decided to move ahead, and today it is well accepted that x86 64 is truly the technology for the next few years."

AMD's move to bring the first 64-bit x86 processors and first dual-core x86 processors to the market has helped the company improve its market position. Over the past two years, AMD has enjoyed its best market acceptance in its long history of battling Intel in the x86 market. In the first quarter of 2006, AMD has seen its overall x86 market share grow to 22%, according to Mercury Research, and to nearly 26% of the x86 server market, according to Gartner.

Ruiz said AMD has also led the industry in what has now become a widespread effort to bring computing technology to emerging economies in places like China, India, and Africa.

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